Larabanga is an ancient village just outside of Mole National Park. The Larabanga Primary and Junior High School receive extra attention through donations of books to the library started by Leah. The women of Larabanga have welcomed us on each of our visits to the Northern Region. In return, we have helped them to start a charcoal briquette project with further plans for a microfinance loan program.

Leah's Dream in Larabanga

The Afafanto Scholarship works specifically with the villages surrounding Tamale in Northern Ghana. Many of our girls are from Larabanga, one of the largest villages. It is a Muslim village home to about 4,000 people. Education in West Gonja has traditionally been poor since education to this area was always provided by Christian missionaries.

Finding enough fuel is a consistent source of worry for the women of the Northern region of Ghana. With training the village women learn how to make charcoal Briquettes.

It is a capacity building project for the women. They can use the environmentally 

friendly briquettes instead of scarce wood for their cooking and cleaning needs.

Also, the briquettes can be sold to other women in other villages providing some extra needed income.

Larabanga History

Larabanga Mosque is the oldest Muslim religious building in West Africa. It was built with mud and reeds.


The community maintains the mosque. They still worship in the ancient building and many tourist come to visit the

holy site.

in 1992 the Larabanga Development Community (LDC) was formed and improved the education system. The LDC started development projects in Larabanga to uplift the community by providing social amenities, schooling, community education, and wildlife conservation education.